About us

JerZey Girl Pickles is a food stand based in New Jersey specializing in delicious homemade pickles. With a passion for quality and flavor, we handcraft each pickle with the finest ingredients to ensure a unique and unforgettable taste.

Our mission is to bring the joy of pickles to food lovers across the nation. Whether you're a pickle fanatic or just looking to add some tangy goodness to your meal, JerZey Girl Pickles is here to satisfy your cravings. Contact us to have our food stand part of your  event and experience our mouthwatering pickles today!




Full sour
Half sour
Kosher dill
Kosher dill chips 
Garlic pickles 
Horseradish Garlic pickles 
Sweet chips 
Sweet garlic chips
Sweet and spicy chips 
Sweet horseradish chips 
Hot Garlic pickles
Hot chips. 


Olive tapenade 
Tangerine/Chile olives 
Blue cheese olives
Olives mixed with feta 
Roasted garlic
Green olives mixed with garlic 
Marinated artichoke hearts 
Sunddried tomatoes 
Kalamata olives 
Castalavatrano olives 
Cergnola olives 
Oil cured olives 
Marinated mushrooms 
Garlic marinated mushrooms 
Horseradish mushrooms 
Hot and spicy mushrooms, 
Hot pepper slices 
Gaurdina (pickled veggies)


Catering for Special Events

Catering for Special Events

Transform your next event into a delectable affair with our exceptional catering services for weddings, parties, and corporate gatherings.
On-Site Food stand Services

On-Site Food stand Services

Bring the vibrant flavors of our food truck to your location, providing convenient and delicious meals for your guests or employees.

Contact JerZey Girl Pickles

Reach out to us using the contact form below. We are here to answer any questions and provide assistance for all your needs.

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